About Us


New Day Charter School is a grades 7-12 Pennsylvania Department of Education approved regional charter school. Our school has two locations, one situated in Juniata County near Mifflintown and one situated in Huntingdon. Both locations feature a small rural community atmosphere. New Day Charter School serves students across the state of Pennsylvania with the majority coming from our chartering school districts: Huntingdon Area, Juniata County, Juniata Valley, and Mount Union Area and many nearby school districts as well.


Parents choose to send their children to our school for various reasons. Our charter school gives families an opportunity to pick the school most suitable for their child’s educational well-being. Teachers choose to create and work at schools where they directly shape the best working and learning environment for their students and themselves.


We believe our charter school serves students who are searching for non-traditional learning experiences while in a secure learning environment. We offer a bully-free, safe learning environment focusing on the individual needs of our students. Our small school offers a caring and nurturing experience while promoting academic excellence.




Our Mission


The mission of the New Day Charter School is to enhance and expand traditional educational opportunities by offering students, through a blended classroom, a comprehensive education program that prepares them for their futures in this new century. The term "blended classroom" is used to mean the delivery of instruction through a variety of learning methods: traditional, distance learning, correspondence, experiential, virtual, and other ways in which learning is proven to take place. It will provide an alternative education to those students who are having difficulty in the regular classroom and/or who would benefit from an individualized educational program.



Our Vision


The vision of the New Day Charter School is to create a regional blended school that offers a comprehensive education program, setting the standard for today's educational environment. This innovative program, developed through collective expertise, with consideration for parental choice, actively engages the learner in individualized, appropriate instruction thus enhancing student achievement.






The stakeholders of New Day Charter School believe that:


·        Parents are first and most important teachers in a child's education.


·        All children can learn and deserve a quality education.


·        Learning is a shared responsibility among students, teachers, parents and the community.


·        Curriculum and instruction must address the learning styles and differing needs of all students to ensure the


         opportunity for success.


·        A safe, orderly, and disciplined environment is conducive to learning.


·        All children can be educated to become contributing members to our society.